Your Assessment:

10-15 points

Options available for care include: senior apartments, residential communities and assisted living home with supervisory care services. Supervisory care services include general supervision care such as daily communication and monitoring of resident's well being and continuing needs. Also provides for crisis intervention as well as preserving independence.


15-25 points

Assisted living with personal or directed care services may be the best option. Personal care services assist with activities of daily living, provided by trained personnel. May even include intermittent nursing care services depending on the facility. Residents are as independent as safely possible, with 24 hour monitoring. Directed care services provide care for those incapable of recognizing unsafe situations or able to make basic care decisions. At C.A.L.L., our database places your needs with the facilities best suited for the type of care required.


25-30 points

Depending on which categories scored the highest, directed care services, a nursing home or skilled nursing facility may best suit your needs. For a consultation or more information, contact our registered nurses to assist in evaluating your requirements.