Different types of eldercare options provide different levels of service, care, and independence.

• In-home care/Adult Day Care Centers/Respite Care
• Assisted Living Homes and Facilities
• Nursing Homes
• Senior Independent Apartments

Assisted living is an excellent choice for seniors who want to live as independently as possible, but need assistance with support services. Assisted living facilities have a higher ratio of caregivers than a nursing home in a safe homelike environment, but encourage as much individual independence as capable. Assisted living facilities offer more assistance than a retirement home and more continuous monitoring than home health care. Assisted living housing comes in all shapes and sizes. Settings can range from three or more residents in a home-like setting, up to 200 residents in a larger facility designed specifically for assisted living purposes.

Assisted living facilities offer not only a home, but also safety, security, socialization and assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, medication management, and activity therapy.

Arizona has a wide range of assisted living facilities, researched and toured individually by our CALLRN Nurses. We take pride in stating that because of our integrity as nurses the only facilities to reach our database are those that meet the state requirement and our standards of care. We base our expectations on numerous factors, including "Would we place our loved in this home?".

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