Nurses help seniors find assisted living, Aug. 9, 2004 - Arizona Republic Newspaper - Aaron Royster

Certified Assisted Living Locators (CALLRN)
Owners: Angela Oleaand Tanya Smith.
Opened: September 2003.
Type of business: A service business that makes referrals for senior citizens seeking assisted-living facilities.
Financial backing: Personally financed.
Motivation: As nurses, Olea and Smith realized a need for an assisted-living referral agency staffed by experienced professionals.
Planning: Olea and Smith researched existing referral agencies in the Valley and contacted the Arizona Department of Health Services to learn about regulations and policies. Influenced by seeing what they believe is a lack of regulation and education requirements, Olea and Smith saw an opportunity to provide referrals from experienced nursing professionals.
Experience: Olea and Smith are registered nurses. Smith has a degree in business marketing and attended law school. Olea has worked with Alzheimer's patients in hospitals and nursing homes.
Biggest obstacle: Breaking in to the market. Because most business comes through referrals, Olea and Smith needed to personally publicize their business to nurses, doctors and the community.
Marketing: Olea and Smith have held community education forums with nurses, doctors and community groups, including several Lions Clubs. They also publicize through the print media, their Web site and networking.
What makes the business unique: Every employee is an experienced nurse. The employees and owners examine assisted-living facilities and their staffs before referring clients. Olea and Smith remain in constant contact with their customers after placement.
Best part of the job: "The satisfaction of seeing a good placement. Seeing someone (who was) depressed and lonely thriving," Olea said.
Information: (480) 807-HELP (4357) and

The Business Journal, February 13, 2004

Nurses help find assisted-living homes for seniors
Two Valley nurses have created an assisted-living placement service. Called Certified Assisted Living Locators, or CALL, the free service is available Valleywide.

To help match seniors to a suitable environment that provides assisted living, a registered nurse goes to the senior's home and develops a profile that best suits his or her priorities and care needs, said co-owners Angela Olea and Tanya Smith.

"As registered nurses, we understand how difficult it can be when you or loved one is no longer able to safely care for themselves alone at home," Olea said. "We are dedicated to helping you through this very emotional time by taking the burden of researching and locating the best homes."

When Olea and Smith worked as nurses in local hospitals, they witnessed the national trend of patients being discharged from hospitals sooner. They helped families look for places to send their elderly relatives because adequate care wasn't available in their own homes.

So last summer, Olea and Smith decided to form the business. They formed the limited liability company in September and have been developping the network of assisted-living homes since then.
"When we evaluate an assisted-living home, we examine not only the amenities, but the special features and characteristics," Smith said. "After we verify the services you need are met by the facility, we consider the unique aspects that will make the difference in selecting a home best suited for you or your loved one."

Scottsdale Views, February 25, 2004
Staff helps with long-term care issues

The business is centered on supporting seniors and their families with long-term care placement. It offers a no-cost service to those looking for an alternative to institutionalized long-term care. Each assisted living home or facility is individually toured and researched by a registered nurse. The staff provides insight and support for those facing difficult decisions.
Certified Assisted Living Locators: 480-807-4357;